Water Slide Party


This summer, help the kids cool off with a waterslide bouncer party. We offer both water slide rentals and bounce house/water slide combo rentals so your children and their friends can enjoy hours of water fun on a hot summer day. When choosing a bounce house rental for this party, consider one that combines the fun of a bounce house with the excitement of a water slide. The 15 ft wet/dry slide offers both of these features. For older children, the 20 ft wet/dry slide ups the ante with 3 more feet of waterslide fun. Both of these bounce house rentals are ideal for outdoor conditions.


Prior to the event, advise parents that children will need to bring sunscreen and swimsuits with them. Be sure that if you don't have enough adults to supervise each bounce house rental, let parents know that they will need to stay with their children and have wonderful bbq ready for them when you rent the Party Grill from Long Island Party Guys. Not only can this help manage bounce house safety, but it also provides an excellent opportunity for parents to socialize with one another!


Activities for a slide party might include water slide races or relay races. For the relay races, the children will need to be divided into two teams. Using two slides or an Obstacle Course Bounce House rental, have each team race to have all members complete a set of tasks. Tasks may range in difficulty based on the age of the participants. But no matter what, water slide parties are an amazing way to spend the summer with friends and family celebrating summer and making memories.

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