Tips for a Bouncy Party

April 10, 2019


Bounce house rentals and castles vary tremendously in shapes and sizes, so be sure to take measurements to ensure you are ordering a rental that will accommodate the number of guests you will be having.


Make sure you let the Long Island Party Guys coordinator know your guests age group. They can let you know if there is a bouncer available that would make your child jump for joy!


While Long Island Party Guys comes to your home and sets up everything you need for. great party, some cheaper rental companies may not. Make sure you know exactly what you are in for when it comes to the work required for setting up the structure. Customers of other bouncer rental companies have called us in a panic after finding out minutes before their party starts that they need a generator so consult with your bounce house rental company about this well-enough before the big day. Not to worry if you rent with Long Island Party Guys, we let you know in our rental packet everything we offer. (Generators are always included.)


Clearly state on your child’s birthday invitations that there will be a bouncy house at the party. This measure will also allow other children’s parents sufficient time to advise their own children about appropriate behavior required for a bounce house birthday party. Also it lets parents of your guests know that their children should be in play clothes so they can have fun safely.


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