Time to plan a spring party!

February 20, 2019

Low-cost Celebrations

There are a host of reasons to have a spring shindig with friends and family, from Mother's Day to showers to birthdays. But how to throw a party that's low-key and low-cost? Choose a daytime buffet-style fete, like a dessert bar, serving foods that guests can eat with ease, like petite treats or fork-only fare.


Prep the day before

Arrange flowers, set out platters, and plate nonperishable foods.


Keep it simple

Let single-flower arrangements, delicious food displayed at interesting levels, and favors in plain sight put the focus on what the guests really came for: YOU



The best parties have something for everyone. Consider renting a bounce house for kids, a chocolate fountain or a dance floor complete with karaoke machine. Long Island Party Guys have a wide variety of amazing party rentals to choose from!


Drink Bar

Save money and hassle by NOT stocking a full bar. Instead, serve a tasty cocktail and a nonalcoholic alternative, mixed in advance. Set the drink station with beverages in pitchers or other serve-yourself vessels, an ice bucket, napkins, and garnishes like citrus slices or berries to add flavor and style. Choose glasses that will be simple for guests to balance rather than pretty-yet-precarious stemware. Maybe add a nice personalized touch with pre-label straws with attendees' names, affixed with tape.


Treats to Go

Send guests home with favors featuring your standout snack or sweet. Nestle them in gift boxes lined with tissue paper, and embellish with ribbon and the honoree's initial.


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