Keep Your Long Island Summer Party Safe!


As the days get longer, visions of grills and pool parties will dance in your head. Most parties this summer will be festive, fun-filled events. But every once in a while, a party will run off the rails, ending in injury and tears because of a preventable mishap.


Here’s a checklist to make sure your party goes down in history… but only for the right reasons.


The Barbecue

Every year, fire departments respond to around 8,800 home fires involving grills. The culprits? Excessive lighter fluid, exploding leftover grease, and blockages and breaks in gas tubes. Make sure the grill is in proper working order and keep children, pets and flammable material well away.


The Pool

Pool fun gets summed up in one word—supervision. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death for kids between ages one and four. Also check for defective or broken drains, which can trap tiny limbs. If you’re throwing a grown-up party, beware of mixing alcohol and slippery surfaces. Even when you’re a grown-up, running and horseplay by the pool are a dangerous combo!


Fido and Fluffy

You can ease guests' pet allergies with a little careful cleaning. As for the pets themselves, don’t overestimate their friendliness around a crowd. Overexcited pets, especially dogs and cats, can cause serious harm if they feel threatened, so you may want to crate them or put them in a secluded room for the duration of the festivities. Two-thirds of states hold the pet’s owner liable if a guest is bitten.


Disco Inferno

Your barbecue isn’t the only place where flames can pop up. Candles might set a party atmosphere, but flameless candles set the same mood with less risk. Poorly positioned tiki torches can do damage as well, so make sure they’re placed far away from guests. And be sure you’ve got a plan in place for your guests who smoke. In 2011, smoking-material fires resulted in $516 million in direct home property damage. Setting out clearly marked buckets full of sand can keep your mind at ease.



Enjoy that summer fun with some extra peace of mind. A Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) can provide extra protection over and above your standard homeowners and auto insurance. 


Long Island Party Guys wishes you a safe and fun party season. If you have any questions on how to throw a safe party, please don't hesitate to call Long Island Party Guys for all your Long Island tent rental and party needs.