May Day Party


On the first of May, the girls wake at dawn to gather wildflowers in baskets to be left on doorsteps, and the boys create all sorts of mischief to disguise their awkwardness as bashful suitors. The day culminates in ritual dancing around a maypole to acknowledge and tame the high spirits brought on by the perfumed air warmed by the sun's new brightness. May Day celebrations seem to stretch back forever in time.


In ancient Rome tributes were paid to Flora, the goddess of flowers. In Sweden fires were built, and Old Man Winter was burned in effigy. The traditions we still recognize evolved in medieval England: A pole made from a birch tree and decorated with flowers was erected on the village green; the fairest of maidens was chosen as Queen of the May; male Morris dancers with bells strapped to arms and legs provided the rhythm for the girls who circled the pole.


People have also long believed that washing one's face in the May Day morning dew would beautify the skin. It still seems perfectly plausible. After all, this is a day when, tradition has it, all girls are lovely and all boys are handsome. No wonder, at least in Italy, it's regarded as the happiest day of the year.


If you are planning a May Day Party, don't forget the tent and tent heater because May 1st can be a little chilly on Long Island depending on the sea breezes. You will need a may pole and tables and chairs for all your guests as well as a grill and fun food like cotton candy, pretzels, a sno cone maker and candied apples


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