LI Party Guys Safely Rent a Bounce House

April 13, 2017

Tragically, a few days ago, five children were injured after a gust of wind blew a bouncy house into the air at a church carnival. Four children were taken to the hospital and two of those suffered serious injuries as a result of falling out of a bounce house while it was airborne. An inflatable slide also flew into the air bringing down two power lines and landing 25 feet away on a nearby road. Thankfully, the slide was not in use at that time. 


Parents on Long Island have been questioning us, "What is the right thing to do when our children are drawn to bouncers at backyard parties, field events, all summer long?" 


There is no need to avoid renting that bounce house that you child adores this summer on Long Island. You just need to keep some common sense fresh in your mind in order to keep it safe for all.


When planning your child’s party—or any type of Long Island party rental—you don't have to rule out tents, inflatable bounce houses or other fun inflatables. All you have to do is follow a few basic steps. As long as an inflatable is properly set up by an experienced company, then safety is not an issue! 


The first step is to make sure any bouncer is a commercial unit, set up by an experienced professional. Never attempt to save a few dollars by trying to do it yourself! Your child’s safety is not a “do it yourself” project.


Long Island Party Guys suggests you perform some background checks on any company you plan to rent from. Watch out for the fly by night rental company without insurance or a business history.


A profession bounce house company will set up your bouncy house and make sure that the inflatable is properly staked with a minimum of one 18” or larger stakes at each corner and will reinforce the inside corner if the unit is an odd shape. Usually when accidents happen it is because the bouncer rental companies don't know how bounce house rentals and inflatable slide rentals should be anchored to the ground. 


Be aware of weather conditions. Gusts of wind can affect the inflatable unit. Wind is the number one enemy of an inflatable bouncer and can cause one to collapse or lift from the ground. Remove children from moon walks, jump houses, or other inflatable rentals and deflate them when sustained winds are more than 20 miles per hour or gusts are greater than 30 miles per hour. Thunder, lightning, and rain are also important reasons to stop use of the inflatable. 


Make sure you follow the safety-rules that the inflatable rental company has provided to you when setting up the inflatable. If the company has not provided you with written safety-rules that is a red flag that you have chosen the wrong company. It is a good idea to ask for a copy of the safety-instructions and -rules up front when booking your party equipment rental. 


Make sure children are supervised at all times while using any jumpy house. Inflatables aren't baby sitters. Never allow children unsupervised access to any inflatable slide, jumpy house or inflatable obstacle course. Only kids of the same size should be inside a bouncer together at one time. And never exceed the recommended quantity of children allowed inside the bounce house. All reputable inflatable bouncers should have a safety instruction panel stitched to the outside that recommends the maximum occupancy. Before allowing use at your home, look for the instruction panel and read it carefully. 


Always rent from a reputable Long Island Party Rental company like Long Island Party Guys. Professional rental companies should have experience with Long Island weather and the unique geographical conditions that require specific attention to safety. Any reputable rental company will usually have a 24 hour number that you can call to ask safety-questions at any time.


A great rule of thumb is is you are unsure of anything you should shut down the inflatable and call the rental company for advice before you put children in the bouncer. "The lack of judgment and experience in either setup, or operation, of an inflatable, that can cause a problem" says long-time owner of Long Island Party Guys, Randy Hyland.


“I also recommend that parents ask for a copy of the Party Rental companies current insurance policy and also ask when the party rental equipment has had its last inspection” said, Mr. Hyland of Long Island Party Guys. “This is one way a prospective renter can garner a confidence level in how diligent the company is about safety.”


In addition, if you are looking for a Long Island tent rental company, many of the same rules apply when setting up tents. A collapsed tent can cause serious injury to party goers. Knowing the insurance and reputation of the party rental company you are renting from is paramount to a safe, relaxed and successful party. 


Finally, we ask all our clients use common sense when renting an inflatable or any other party equipment. Be safe rather than sorry, it will go a long way toward helping make each bounce house rental—moon walk rental, inflatable water slide rental, obstacle course rental, or velcro wall rental—as fun and safe as intended.


Remembering these tips when planning your next party will make your party trouble free and provide you with peace of mind concerning Long Island party equipment rentals. There is no need to avoid renting that bounce house that you child adores this summer on Long Island. You just need to keep all of the above fresh in your mind in order to keep it safe for all.