Summer Safety Tips for Inflatable Rentals


Long Island Party Guys wants your kids to be safe this summer while they are in a Bounce House at children’s birthday parties, block parties, stadiums and summer carnivals.


As the summer season approaches, inflatable bouncers, such as bounce houses and moon walks, will become popular at children’s birthday parties, block parties, and summer carnivals. While bounce houses and water-slides can be a source of fun and entertainment for children, inflatable bouncers can also lead to serious injuries, such as broken bones and concussions.

In the past 20 years, the number of injuries associated with inflatable bouncers treated in hospital emergency departments in the U.S. has skyrocketed, and now equals more than 30 children a day, or about one child every 45 minutes. Long Island Party Guys want to make sure your kids are protected while they have fun.

Bouncers and other inflatables are extremely safe when the following tips are followed:

Injury Prevention Tips
•Limit bouncer use to children 6 years of age and older.
•Only allow a bouncer to be used when an adult trained on safe bouncer use is present.
•The safest way to use a bouncer is to have only one child on it at a time.
•If more than one child will be on the bouncer at the same time, make sure that the children are about the same age and size (weight).

Proper Use
•Take off shoes, eyeglasses and jewelry and remove all sharp objects from your pockets before entering the bouncer.
•No rough play, tumbling, wrestling or flips. Stay away from the entrance or exit and the sides or walls of the bouncer while you are inside of it.
•If the bouncer begins to lose air, stop play and carefully exit the bouncer.

Improper set up of a bouncer is the cause of many injuries and inflatable problems. When you rent a bouncer or water-slide, be sure to have a professional company like Long Island Party Guys set up the bouncer and test it before any children enter.

When an inflatable is set up outside, make sure your company places the bouncer on a flat surface. Removes all rocks, sticks or objects such as sprinkler systems sticking up from the ground before setting up the bouncer. Make sure there is open space around all sides of the bouncer. Place the bouncer away from tree branches or power lines. If the bouncer will be set up on a hard surface, place a soft surface around the entrance/exit to the bouncer.

MOST IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE THE BOUNCER IS PROPERLY “STAKED” TO THE GROUND USING AT LEAST FOUR TO SIX 18-INCH STAKES OR LONGER. DO NOT USE ANY INFLATABLE IN HIGHER THAN NORMAL WINDS. Larger stakes and water barrels are needed for large water slide rentals and obstacle course rentals and will be included when you rent from a reputable dealer like Long Island Party Guys.

If you are using an inflatable inside, only set up bouncers in rooms where the ceiling is several feet above the top of the bouncer. Place the bouncer away from walls. If the bouncer will be set up in a room with hard floors, place a soft surface around the entrance/exit to the bouncer.

Make sure your rental company has provided you with these simple operational tips and set-up the equipment as indicated below and your children will have safe time in a bouncer. Having fun is what inflatables are all about, just use common sense and your kids will have a great time.